Things You'll Need Access To On May 31st...

Google Drive Documents

  • Self-Regulation Rubric [link]
  • Alignment of EBP to SEL Skills [link]
  • EC Stressors [link]

Pre-K Teach & Play Resources

What to do before?

• Watch videos on Biting Brophy and/or Screaming Sonya. The link to the videos are embedded in the tip sheets, which were designed for parents, but can be used by any loving adult.

• Review tips sheets for Biting Brophy and/or Screaming Sonya. Be prepared to discuss how "Teach Before the Peak" principles apply, what skills the adult needs to successful support a child, and any questions/answers for coaching others through these common challenges

What to bring on 5-31-17

• Computer or tablet (extension cord if needed)
• Things to color and doddle with and journal for self reflection activities
• Earbuds/headphones if you want to listen to a video or audio file

• "Go to resources" (print or digital) related to self-regulation (e.g., SCERTS; Stop, Think, Act; resources from The MEHRIT Centre)

  • Bonus! Click here to download our NEW Power of Play Ebook - full of inspirational quotes!

April is IEP Makeover Month!

If you struggle to write IEP goals that help children thrive in school and in life, then I invite you to join a private FB group!

Each week-day in April, I'll be using a time-tested and research-based formula to makeover some of the most challenging IEP goals.

As a community, we'll work to give IEPs for preschoolers a much needed makeover by co-creating goals that are measurable and meaningful!

And, if you haven't in the past, you might want to download the FREE Pre-K Teach & Play IEP Toolkit at We'll be using the formula shared in the toolkit as the basis for making over IEP goals.

Coaching Strategies and Andragogical Principles

Resources for supporting adult learners

Coaching Resources

  • Coaching Strategies and Practices

  • Responding to Challenging Behaviors

  • Developmental and Learning Progressions

Questions? Ideas?

Contact me:

Kristiepf Symbaloo Main Webmix

Updated links 12-22-16: Symbaloo provides a visual organizer of web-based resources on what is called a webmix.

On any given webmix, you’ll find pictures/images called tiles. Each title is a hyperlinked web-based resource, or a hyperlink to a sub-webmix of related resources.

On the KristiePF main webmix, you will find a set of primary tiles related to professional development and learning (e.g., andragogy, five moments of need). Each of these primary tiles takes you to sub-webmix with 100s of additional resources.

Also off the main webmix, you’ll find a tile for my publications and a variety of ways to connect using social media (e.g., YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn).

Click here for a handout that helps you navigate my main webmix.

Other Coaching Resources

• Asking Honest Open Questions [pdf]

• Transforming Professional Development and Learning [pdf]

• Chapter by Michael BS on Coaching Habits [pdf]

• What's Your What: Sentence Starters [link to blog] [pdf]


Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Resources for supporting children who are struggling with self-regulaiton

Calming the Chaos Series

• Classroom Series [link]

• Biting Brophy [pdf]

• Screaming Sonya [pdf]

• Parent video series [link]

Helpful Articles

• How to Handle Bad Behavior - 7 phases [link]

• Supporting Self-Regulation in Children: Tips for Parents  [link]

Other Resources

• PBIS applied to Pre-K by L. Fox & D. Perez Binder [pdf]

• Beyond Treats & Timeouts: Humanistic Behavioral Supports...[pdf]

• It’s Time to Flip Behavior Cards and Charts to STOP! [blog]

• Additional "Teach Before the Peak" [video]

• Shanker Self-Reg website [link]

• Draft notes on weathering the storm [link]

• Behavior tracking sample forms from Barbara Avila

Full behavior sheet sample [google DRIVE link]

Escalation tracking version 1 [google DRIVE link]

Escalation tracking version 2 [google DRIVE link]

Related Resources to Joining Play:

Co-Constructing Mother–Infant Distress in Face-to-Face Interactions: Contributions of Microanalysis [pdf]

MY JOURNEY IN INFANT RESEARCH AND PSYCHOANALYSIS: Microanalysis, a Social Microscope [pdf]

What is a Secure Attachment? And Why Doesn’t “Attachment Parenting” Get You There?

How to Be a Quiet Adult: Five Tips to Encourage Child-Directed Play [link]

Developmental and Learning Progressions

Teaching in the Messy Middle

Related Resources

• Big Ideas for Early Learning Glossary (sample) [pdf]

• Writing Rubric [pdf]

• Self-Regulation Rubric [Google DRIVE]

• Self-Regulation Data Collection Form [pdf]

• Samples of IEP goals (aka things that are IEP worthy) [Google DRIVE]

• Dimensions of behavior [pdf]

Related Videos

• Every Child is a Triangle [video]

• What to teach - common outcomes [video]

• What to teach when children struggle [video]

• What to teach when development has stalled [video]

• TBP Starting with What

• TBP What is IEP Worthy

RESOURCES related to Graphic Practice

NOTE: This resource is available in the Pre-K Teach & Play shop for free. As I correct and/or update things, the shop will always have the most current version. Click here and/or share this link with teaching teams


Research articles to support activities like Graphic Practice

• What Preschool Classroom Experiences Are Associated With Whether Children Improve in Visuomotor Integration? [pdf]

• How Are Motor Skills Linked to Children’s School Performance and Academic Achievement? [pdf]

• Contributions of executive function and spatial skills to preschool mathematics achievement [pdf]

• Fine Motor Skills and Executive Function Both Contribute to Kindergarten Achievement [link]


Training video on Graphic Practice [YouTube]

PPT handout to go with training video [pdf]

Graphic practice ideas (source unknown)

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